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Ghadir Iranian Direct Reduction Plant

ASTEC has introduced itself as one of the most successful companies in the country’s steel industry by exploiting the Ghadir Iranian direct reduction plant in 2010. Ghadir Iranian direct reduction plant with a production capacity of 800,000 tons of sponge iron by MIDREX technology is located in Chadormalu industrial complex located in Ardakan, Yazd.

The company intends to increase the production of its direct reduction sponge iron to 1,200,000 tons per year by implementing a development project.

As one of the most noteworthy achievements of ASTEC in Ghadir Iranian iron and steel company, production of DRI to more than the nominal capacity of the plant in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 can be mentioned.

However, the most important activities completed in this project are:

  • Attending all stages of commissioning and testing of the Arfa direct reduction unit using skilled staff
  • Taking theoretical tests, specialized, psychology and management interviews to employing operating experts
  • Holding a comprehensive theoretical and practical training course for personnel have employed through examinations
  • Operation of all equipment, devices and auxiliary facilities in different parts of the reduction site, material handling, laboratory, water supply, gas station and…
  • Performing all operations of inspection, service, maintenance, repair and industrial cleaning of equipment and devices
  • Planning and executing monthly and annual shutdowns
  • Design and development of HSE Plans and its specialized implementation
  • Participation in the capacity development project
  • Location: Ardakan - Yazd province
  • Employer: Ghadir Iron and Steel Co.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • contract type : -